We are the hands of Christ stretching beyond our nation’s borders as we support a student in Kenya through Compassion International and provide supplies to children of other nations through Samaritan’s Purse.

During the holidays, we package shoe boxes with gifts and necessities for international children who won’t receive gifts at Christmas time. These shoe boxes contain many items including necessities and some fun surprises!  Our Sunday School children raise money and make many of the purchases themselves.

Through Compassion International we support a child in Kenya – Samuel.  We have supported him for many years and he is really growing up! It’s been so exciting to watch him grow and to communicate with him. He sends us letters occasionally and children are encouraged to send letters to him as well.

Donate your pill bottles and we will send them to St. John’s LWML in Woodbury to be sent to M25M in Cincinnati, OH.  The bottles are then forwarded with additional medical supplies to assist in providing medical care in over 60 countries worldwide.  Please feel free to remove as much of the container labels as possible before placing them in the donation box located near the sanctuary entrance.