Welcome to the website for Family of Christ Lutheran Church, members of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). 

We are a growing church with a community focus located in St. Joseph Township between Hudson, Somerset, New Richmond and Stillwater, MN. 

Whether you've been a Christian for years, or are searching for Christ's impact in your life we have ministries to guide you through your journey.  Faith in Jesus is the most valuable gift one can have. I pray that you, due to God’s grace, have received this gift. Our goal is to help you deepen and share that faith with others. May God richly bless you in your walk with the Lord!


Special Events


12/04/2016     10:30 AM

Sunday Worship

12/04/2016     9:30 AM

A.A. Meeting

12/05/2016     8:00 PM

Kids for Christ

12/07/2016     6:15 PM

Men's Bible Study (Hudson Perkins)

12/08/2016     6:30 AM

Men's Club

12/10/2016     8:00 AM


12/11/2016     10:30 AM

Sunday Worship

12/11/2016     9:30 AM

Ruth's Quilters

12/12/2016     8:00 AM

A.A. Meeting

12/12/2016     8:00 PM

Women's Bible Study

12/12/2016     9:30 AM


12/18/2016     10:30 AM

Sunday Worship

12/18/2016     9:30 AM

Lay Ministry

12/19/2016     7:00 PM

A.A. Meeting

12/19/2016     8:00 PM